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Today is a big day

I am extremely proud to announce the release of SiaXperience. First of all because preparing for this launch was a fantastic human adventure.

I arrived at Sia Partners only two months ago and I was incredibly welcomed by the FOVE, Nod-A and MCX France, Netherlands, USA and Canada teams. Thanks to all of htem!

Zero to one in 2 months

An amazing job has been accomplished across 4 countries and 6 time zones. It was a real collaborative and multicultural challenge, which was met with flying colors and allowed us to get to know each other better.

SiaXperience professionals have managed to release in record time a trendy and effective communications platform, a brand website and a reveal video that really nails it (check it out below).

All of this was achieved in just a few weeks: doing it was already an experience in itself ;)

What we’re about

SiaXperience’s offering is dedicated to connecting brands with customers through human-centered experiences that drive business growth and performance.

SiaXperience provides coordinated services across business strategy, creative direction, design thinking, product engineering, performance marketing, and management excellence with a focus on empathy, innovation, collaboration, and growth.

We serve leading institutions around the world such as Amazon, Chanel, eBay, Meta and Pfizer.

We are ready to help companies and public sector organisations develop innovative products and services, conquer new markets, and elevate their customer experience.


Bravo to our Digital Strategists, Program Designers, Art Directors, Creative Technologists, Design Thinkers, Business Innovators, Data Scientists, Channel Experts and XR and 3D Specialists, whether they are in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco Bay, Seattle, Montreal , Amsterdam, London, Lyon, Paris or even Hong Kong.

A huge THANK YOU to Team Paris!

Léa Rosetti Rafael Teixeira Sabrina Haddad Sayah Chennoufi Agathe Malinas Charlotte Villerouge Nicolas Namont Vanessa Mazur Virgile Simiana Charles Denis Sandrine Carreau Thomas Graffagnino Jean-Baptiste Bini Lauriane Grobon Chukwudi Nnaemeka Matthieu Huver Olivier Zaragoza Lauren Bennett

A huge THANK YOU to Team Montreal!

Sophie Henry Stephanie Bacquere Nicolas Nadeau

Huge THANKS to the San Francisco Bay Team!

Win Pomerantz Jade Monteiro Brandon Wachs Suraj Talluri Nicky Shane Raazi Imam Andrew Crowley Angela Hollen MacDara B.

Huge THANKS to the Amsterdam Team!

Steff Nagel Martin Hermsen Maarten Jumelet




Business & Customer Insights Manager @LVMH #UX #Innovation | #ESSEC #MBA | Ex @PwC @PublicisGroupe

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Nicolas Jambin

Nicolas Jambin

Business & Customer Insights Manager @LVMH #UX #Innovation | #ESSEC #MBA | Ex @PwC @PublicisGroupe

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